05 Maret 2009

Prambanan Temple

Candi Rara Jonggrang or Lara Jonggrang that is located in the Prambanan Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. This temple is located on the island, approximately 20 km east of Yogyakarta, Surakarta, 40 km west and 120 km south of Semarang, exactly on the border between the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Rara Jonggrang temple located in the village of Prambanan area divided between Sleman and Klaten districts.

This temple was built around the year 850 BC by one of these two men, namely: Rakai lure, the king of the second Mataram dynasty or I Balitung Most Sambu, during Sanjaya dynasty. Not long after, built, this temple began to be abandoned and damaged.

In the year 1733 BC, this temple is found by CA Lons a berkebangsaan Netherlands, and in the year 1855 BC Izerman start to clean and move some rocks and soil from the temple room. Groneman some time and then perform a large-scale destruction and the temple stones are stacked in haphazard Opak along the river. In the 1902-1903 Van ERP maintain that the collapse-prone. In the years 1918-1926, followed by ancient Jawatan (Oudheidkundige Dienst) in the bottom of the PJ Perquin with a more methodical and systematic, as known to the preceding beribu dismantling and transfer of thousands of miles without thinking about the restoration efforts kembali.Pada year 1926 was extended until the end of De Haan hayatnya in 1930. In the year 1931 was replaced by Ir. V.R. van Romondt until the year 1942 and then submitted to the leadership of the renovation and is the son of Indonesia to continue in 1993

Many parts of the temple is renovated, the new stone, because the original stones are stolen or re-used elsewhere. A temple will be renovated only if at least 75% still have the original stone. Therefore, many small temples, the temple was built not only look back and fondasinya only.

Now, this temple is a protected site by UNESCO starting 1991. Among other things this means that the complex is protected and has a special status, eg also in situations of war.

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temples in Southeast Asia, the main building is high 47m.

This temple complex consists of 8 major temple or shrine, and more than 250 small temples.

Three main temple called Trisakti and Hyang be devoted to the Trinity: the crusher Batara Siwa, Wisnu Batara the affairs and Brahma the Creator Batara.

Siwa Temple in the middle, a four room, one room in each direction of the wind. While the first load an image Batara Siwa as three meters, the other three sculpture-statue of smaller size, the statue Durga, the wife or sakti Batara Siwa, Agastya, teachers, and Ganesa, son.

Durga statue is also known as Rara or Lara / Loro Jongrang (slender virgin) by the local people. To be able to see the full article Loro Jonggrang.

Two other temples Batara be devoted to Vishnu, which is facing to the north and one to be Batara Brahma, facing south. In addition there are several other small temples that are to the calf Nandini, vehicle Batara Siwa, the Angsa, vehicle Batara Brahma, and the Garuda, Vishnu Batara vehicle.

And the relief around the edge twenty temples reflect wiracarita Ramayana. Version described here is different from the Ramayana Kakawin Kuna Java, but similar to the Ramayana story is revealed through the oral tradition. In addition, this temple complex is surrounded by more than 250 temples of varying size and called perwara. In the Prambanan temple complex, there is also a museum store historical objects, including stone god Siwa Lingga, as a symbol kesuburun.