24 Februari 2009

Muara Kuin market float

Market float Muara Kuin Traditional Market is located on the river in the Barito river estuary Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Traders and buyers use jukung, a boat in Banjar. This market after the start until after the dawn prayer at 07:00 am. Sunrise reflective transaction between the vegetables and the gardens of villages along the river and the Barito river children.

The atmosphere and activities of the market
With panoramanya witness, as if tourists are sightseeing. Jukung-jukung laden with cargo of merchandise vegetables, fruits, fish and all sorts of different needs of households available in the market float. When the sun began to appear gradually also began menyepi market, the traders also began to go to leave the market float to bring the results with satisfaction.

The atmosphere of the market and float the unique characteristic is the thrust of boats large and small buyers find each other and that the seller always berseliweran more shaky here and always played Barito river waves. Market organization does not have a float in the market such as in the mainland, so it does not record how many traders and visitors to the merchant or bersarkan merchandise.

Vendors that sell boating results of the production itself or neighboring hamlet called, while a second hand purchase from the hamlet called for re-sale panyambangan. Keistemewaan this market is still often barter transactions between the traders boating, which is in a language called Banjar bapanduk, something unique and rare.

Tourism potential
Tourism is often seen as a charm fantastik, Banjarmasin like the Venice of the East, as both have the potential of river tourism. But both city and nature different cultural background. In Banjarmasin still found in many rivers throughout the house which is called float lanting house, which is always played in the waves roll.

Kuin area is a type of settlement that is located along the river (Waterfront village) which has several tourist attraction such as nature tourism, cultural tourism and cultural tourism. Life of communities living close to the river market float, edge of the river with the traditional architecture. Downstream mudiknya various traditional boat with a rich cargo of interesting attractions for tourists, and even expected to tour the village to be developed so that it can be in forming the image of tourism promotion of South Kalimantan. Still in the same area that tourists can also visit the Masjid Sultan Riau and Makam Raja Pelalawan, Kembang island, islands and island Bakut surprised. Kuin also in carving craft ornaments for the home Banjar.

17 Februari 2009

Batu Raden

Baturaden is a destination in Banyumas regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Baturaden is located in the northern city of Purwokerto in the south slope of Mount Slamet. Baturaden located on the slopes because the mountains make this area has a cool weather and tends to be very cold especially at night. Baturaden is also an area visited by many local tourists, especially on sunday and national holidays. This condition causes a lot of hotel and villa was established here.

Baturaden could be using private and public vehicles. Distance from the town of Purwokerto about 20 km and is 15 minutes with traffic that is not too dense. If you want to use public transport tourists can ride from the city terminal in Purwokerto and down in the terminal lokawisata Baturaden. If you want more practical travelers can use a taxi. If you decide to use a private vehicle, should be careful because the road is uphill with a slope of about 30 degrees.

Location tour

* Shower Pitu Baturaden
* Shower Telu
* Telaga Sunyi
* Earth Perkemahan
* The Air Panas
* Curug Ceheng
* Wahana Wista Valley Combong
* Combong Valley and War Paint Ball Games

Parks Kaloka Widya Mandala Baturraden or Tourism Education Wanasuka Baturraden a zoo tour as well as a place of education inaugurated by the Head of Regent Regional Level II Banyumas H. Djoko Sudantoko on 17 May 1995. This place never get the achievement Visit Indonesia Decade 1991-2000, Penobatan Anugerah Tour Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region in Semarang on 23 August 1996.

Kaloka in Taman Widya Mandala Baturraden there are various kinds of animals that come from within and from outside the country such as Australia, Asia and the Netherlands. Such as: Cattle five feet, three feet Goat, Elephant, Beruk (Buing), Irian Farming, python, Kaswari, monkey, Landak, Iguana, Cendrawasih, bats, Kate Ayam, Ayam Mutiara, Orang Utan, Elang Bondol, Rusa.Di this place is also the Museum Animal rare, such as Sumatra tiger, bear Honey, Macan and limb. http://www.baturraden.com/ in to see more information about baturraden Batu Raden is the beauty that radiate from the slopes of Mount Slamet. Location of the tour is only about 15 km from the town of Purwokerto, Central Java, this not only save the pretty panorama of nature, but also stories about people Raden Kamandaka, or Lutung Kasarung familiar enough that people in Indonesia.



Sources said that about Batur is Lontar Kesmu gods. Lontar Usana Bali and Raja Purana Lontar Batur. Pura Batur mentioned that already have master Kuturan time since the X century until the beginning of XI century. Areal extent and number of pelinggih-pelinggih it is estimated that Penyiwi Pura Batur is the kings who rule in Bali, as well as a Kahyangan Jagat. Pura Batur at the Dewi Danu diistanakan is mentioned in the Lontar Usana Bali translated as follows:

Is Ceritera, occurs in Marga Sari (months to V) the Kresna Force (Tilem) have Betara Pasupati in India are moving Puncak Gunung Most are divided into two, held hands with the left and right and brought to Bali is used as the Son he is sthana Betara Putrajaya (Maha Dewa Hyang) and the top of the mountain that brought the left into the hands of Mount Batur as sthana Betari Danuh, both as it is ulunya island of Bali. Both the Mount is a symbol of this element and Purusa Pradana from Sang Hyang Widhi. Pura Batur is a Hindu place of worship in all people, especially Bali Bali Central, North East and seeking safety in the area of rice field. So that at the time of Puja falls on the trustee to Purnamaning X (kedasa) all the people especially in the all Kelian subak, sedahan-sedahan come to Pura Batur menghaturkan "Suwinih". Likewise in case of disaster pests.

Identification and appeal

Name tourism area Batur is adjusted with the potential of the Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Pura Batur name comes from the name of Mount Batur is one of the Pura Sad Kahyangan in emong by the Village of Batur. Before meletusnya Mount Batur in the year 1917, Pura Batur is located at the foot of Mount Batur Barat Daya.

Due to damage caused by this eruption of Mount Batur, with the Pura Batur villagers moved in place now. Remains of the frozen lava black, vertical tower of Mount Batur, Lake Batur shady turn, is an attraction for every visitor. From Penelokan can look blue Lake Batur and foam-foam waves aside accompany the driver when the boat serves tourists and passengers in every public crossing Kedisan from the Village to Village Trunyan. The fishermen also busy coloring in the fish of Lake Batur fish mujair a result tangkapannya selling in the market in the City of Bangli, Bangli is known so that in the sate mujairnya which is the typical food Bangli regency.


Tourism Regions Batur Batur located in the Village, Kintamani District Sub Regional Level II Bangli. Tourism Regions Batur is located at an altitude of 900 m above the sea surface temperature with air cooling in the packed lunch ahri and cold at night. To reach this location from the capital of Bangli distance 23 km. Tourism can be a vehicle, because the location is the city of Singaraja and Bangli. While the route object, the Tourism Regions Tourism with Batur and Besakih Tampaksiring.


Tourism in the area where parking is available Batur, restaurants, dining, lodging, toilet, school, and the stall-stall snacks and drinks. Public transport facilities and transport crossing also available.


Batur tourism area visited by many foreign tourists and the archipelago. Visit the most prominent of August, in December, while welcoming the New Year and New Year atmosphere. Similarly, on the day-to-day Raya Galungan, Idul Fitri and Christmas, Hari Raya, and often visited by guests from both countries central and guests from abroad.


05 Februari 2009

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) is one type of ecosystem with the rain forest and mountain savanna located in the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. TNGR defined as the area of National Park through a decree from the Ministry of Forestry No.280/Kpts-II/1997 widely in the extent 40.000hA although more than 41000hA.


TNGR have multiformity, among other flora; nettle (Laportea stimulant), Dedurenan (Aglaea Argentea), Bayur (Pterospermum Javanicum), Beringin (Ficus Benjamina), Cashew-jambuan (Syzygium sp) Keruing (Dipterocarpus Hasseltii), Rerau (D. Imbricatus) , Cemara Mount (Casuarina Junghuniana) Eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica) and several kinds of orchid that is endemic forest Perisstylus Rinjaniensis and P. Lombokensis. While multiformity fauna that is owned by TNGR among others; civet Rinjani (Paradoxurus Hemaprhoditus Rinjanicus), Deer (Muntiacus Muntjak Nainggolani), Lutung Budeng (Trachypithecus Auratus Kohlbruggei), Trenggiling (Manis Javanicus), Cikukua Tanduk bird (Philemon Buceroides Neglectus), Dawah Forest (Ducula Lacernulata Sasakensis), cervix Kepodang Black (Oriolus chinensis Broderipii) and several types of reptilia plus some type of fresh water fish that live on the lake Segara Anak, among others; Mujair and carp.


In the lava mountain (2.800mdpl) there is a crater off the mountain due to eruption of Rinjani (estimated to occur at the time Plistosen <1.8 style="font-weight: bold;">Myths

Gunung Rinjani keep some mystery. One mystery is terbesarnya Dewi Anjani. Dewi Anjani perhaps is direct descendant of King Selaparang results from the marriage of King mahkluk fine with living in a mountain Rinjani rain when he appealed to the area because of the long drought Selaparang kingdom at that time. Because it is so far the community tribe Sasak and Hindu Dharma on the island of Lombok is often perform rituals Mulang Pekelem namely ritual to invoke rain Dewi Anjani sesembahan form with a plate of gold in the all kinds of mahkluk water drowned the way to the lake Segara Anak. Read More ..