17 Februari 2009



Sources said that about Batur is Lontar Kesmu gods. Lontar Usana Bali and Raja Purana Lontar Batur. Pura Batur mentioned that already have master Kuturan time since the X century until the beginning of XI century. Areal extent and number of pelinggih-pelinggih it is estimated that Penyiwi Pura Batur is the kings who rule in Bali, as well as a Kahyangan Jagat. Pura Batur at the Dewi Danu diistanakan is mentioned in the Lontar Usana Bali translated as follows:

Is Ceritera, occurs in Marga Sari (months to V) the Kresna Force (Tilem) have Betara Pasupati in India are moving Puncak Gunung Most are divided into two, held hands with the left and right and brought to Bali is used as the Son he is sthana Betara Putrajaya (Maha Dewa Hyang) and the top of the mountain that brought the left into the hands of Mount Batur as sthana Betari Danuh, both as it is ulunya island of Bali. Both the Mount is a symbol of this element and Purusa Pradana from Sang Hyang Widhi. Pura Batur is a Hindu place of worship in all people, especially Bali Bali Central, North East and seeking safety in the area of rice field. So that at the time of Puja falls on the trustee to Purnamaning X (kedasa) all the people especially in the all Kelian subak, sedahan-sedahan come to Pura Batur menghaturkan "Suwinih". Likewise in case of disaster pests.

Identification and appeal

Name tourism area Batur is adjusted with the potential of the Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Pura Batur name comes from the name of Mount Batur is one of the Pura Sad Kahyangan in emong by the Village of Batur. Before meletusnya Mount Batur in the year 1917, Pura Batur is located at the foot of Mount Batur Barat Daya.

Due to damage caused by this eruption of Mount Batur, with the Pura Batur villagers moved in place now. Remains of the frozen lava black, vertical tower of Mount Batur, Lake Batur shady turn, is an attraction for every visitor. From Penelokan can look blue Lake Batur and foam-foam waves aside accompany the driver when the boat serves tourists and passengers in every public crossing Kedisan from the Village to Village Trunyan. The fishermen also busy coloring in the fish of Lake Batur fish mujair a result tangkapannya selling in the market in the City of Bangli, Bangli is known so that in the sate mujairnya which is the typical food Bangli regency.


Tourism Regions Batur Batur located in the Village, Kintamani District Sub Regional Level II Bangli. Tourism Regions Batur is located at an altitude of 900 m above the sea surface temperature with air cooling in the packed lunch ahri and cold at night. To reach this location from the capital of Bangli distance 23 km. Tourism can be a vehicle, because the location is the city of Singaraja and Bangli. While the route object, the Tourism Regions Tourism with Batur and Besakih Tampaksiring.


Tourism in the area where parking is available Batur, restaurants, dining, lodging, toilet, school, and the stall-stall snacks and drinks. Public transport facilities and transport crossing also available.


Batur tourism area visited by many foreign tourists and the archipelago. Visit the most prominent of August, in December, while welcoming the New Year and New Year atmosphere. Similarly, on the day-to-day Raya Galungan, Idul Fitri and Christmas, Hari Raya, and often visited by guests from both countries central and guests from abroad.

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