05 Februari 2009

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) is one type of ecosystem with the rain forest and mountain savanna located in the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. TNGR defined as the area of National Park through a decree from the Ministry of Forestry No.280/Kpts-II/1997 widely in the extent 40.000hA although more than 41000hA.


TNGR have multiformity, among other flora; nettle (Laportea stimulant), Dedurenan (Aglaea Argentea), Bayur (Pterospermum Javanicum), Beringin (Ficus Benjamina), Cashew-jambuan (Syzygium sp) Keruing (Dipterocarpus Hasseltii), Rerau (D. Imbricatus) , Cemara Mount (Casuarina Junghuniana) Eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica) and several kinds of orchid that is endemic forest Perisstylus Rinjaniensis and P. Lombokensis. While multiformity fauna that is owned by TNGR among others; civet Rinjani (Paradoxurus Hemaprhoditus Rinjanicus), Deer (Muntiacus Muntjak Nainggolani), Lutung Budeng (Trachypithecus Auratus Kohlbruggei), Trenggiling (Manis Javanicus), Cikukua Tanduk bird (Philemon Buceroides Neglectus), Dawah Forest (Ducula Lacernulata Sasakensis), cervix Kepodang Black (Oriolus chinensis Broderipii) and several types of reptilia plus some type of fresh water fish that live on the lake Segara Anak, among others; Mujair and carp.


In the lava mountain (2.800mdpl) there is a crater off the mountain due to eruption of Rinjani (estimated to occur at the time Plistosen <1.8 style="font-weight: bold;">Myths

Gunung Rinjani keep some mystery. One mystery is terbesarnya Dewi Anjani. Dewi Anjani perhaps is direct descendant of King Selaparang results from the marriage of King mahkluk fine with living in a mountain Rinjani rain when he appealed to the area because of the long drought Selaparang kingdom at that time. Because it is so far the community tribe Sasak and Hindu Dharma on the island of Lombok is often perform rituals Mulang Pekelem namely ritual to invoke rain Dewi Anjani sesembahan form with a plate of gold in the all kinds of mahkluk water drowned the way to the lake Segara Anak.

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