17 Februari 2009

Batu Raden

Baturaden is a destination in Banyumas regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Baturaden is located in the northern city of Purwokerto in the south slope of Mount Slamet. Baturaden located on the slopes because the mountains make this area has a cool weather and tends to be very cold especially at night. Baturaden is also an area visited by many local tourists, especially on sunday and national holidays. This condition causes a lot of hotel and villa was established here.

Baturaden could be using private and public vehicles. Distance from the town of Purwokerto about 20 km and is 15 minutes with traffic that is not too dense. If you want to use public transport tourists can ride from the city terminal in Purwokerto and down in the terminal lokawisata Baturaden. If you want more practical travelers can use a taxi. If you decide to use a private vehicle, should be careful because the road is uphill with a slope of about 30 degrees.

Location tour

* Shower Pitu Baturaden
* Shower Telu
* Telaga Sunyi
* Earth Perkemahan
* The Air Panas
* Curug Ceheng
* Wahana Wista Valley Combong
* Combong Valley and War Paint Ball Games

Parks Kaloka Widya Mandala Baturraden or Tourism Education Wanasuka Baturraden a zoo tour as well as a place of education inaugurated by the Head of Regent Regional Level II Banyumas H. Djoko Sudantoko on 17 May 1995. This place never get the achievement Visit Indonesia Decade 1991-2000, Penobatan Anugerah Tour Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region in Semarang on 23 August 1996.

Kaloka in Taman Widya Mandala Baturraden there are various kinds of animals that come from within and from outside the country such as Australia, Asia and the Netherlands. Such as: Cattle five feet, three feet Goat, Elephant, Beruk (Buing), Irian Farming, python, Kaswari, monkey, Landak, Iguana, Cendrawasih, bats, Kate Ayam, Ayam Mutiara, Orang Utan, Elang Bondol, Rusa.Di this place is also the Museum Animal rare, such as Sumatra tiger, bear Honey, Macan and limb. http://www.baturraden.com/ in to see more information about baturraden Batu Raden is the beauty that radiate from the slopes of Mount Slamet. Location of the tour is only about 15 km from the town of Purwokerto, Central Java, this not only save the pretty panorama of nature, but also stories about people Raden Kamandaka, or Lutung Kasarung familiar enough that people in Indonesia.

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