30 Desember 2008

Batam Island

Batam have been developed since the early 1970s as a logistics and operational base for oil industry and gas by Pertamina. Then, based on President Degree No. 41 of 1973, development of Batam to trust the government agency called the Industrial Development Authority Batam lebigh or known to the Batam Authority.

The development of Batam into several periods. The first period of the year 1971-1976 period, known by the name of preparation that is led by Dr.Ibnu Sutowo. The second is a period of consolidation period (1976-1978) led by Prof.Dr.JB.Sumarlin, then is Peride Infrastructure Development Facility and Investment held for 20 years. Namely years 1978-1998, which diketuai Prof.Dr.BJ. Habibie next Leadership held by JE Habibie namely maret months until July 1998. This period is known by the name of Infrastructure Development and Investment Continued. Then, since 1998 until now, under the leadership of Abdullah called Ismeth Period Development Infrastructure Development and Investment Continued with greater attention to the welfare of the people and improving the investment climate.

In order to implement the vision and mission to develop Batam, the dibangunlah insfrastruktur modern international berstandar and various other facilities, so that when the
tourism demand, and able to compete with similar Asian-Pacific region.

No progress has been achieved, such as various field tersediannya business that is able to accommodate the work force comes from almost all regions in the country. So also with the amount of revenue from the central maupaun time kewaktu increased. This is not because maraknya caused by industrial activity, trade, over when and pariwisataan didaerah. However, as a growing area, Batam also does not escape from the emergence of various social problems.

Therefore, the development of refining in Batam island is in progress, the development at this time focused kepadakesejahteraan people run the program with social development. This is expected to overcome the various problems that arise as social eksternalitas of negative development that has occurred over 30 years.

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