05 Januari 2009

Dance Jaipongan

Jaipongan is the art of dance born from the creativity of an artist origin of Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. He inspired people in the arts, one of which is a percussion Tilu make it right to know and recognize patterns perbendaharan movement dance tradition in the Kliningan or Bajidoran or percussion Tilu. So that he can develop a dance or art that is now familiar with the name Jaipongan.

Jaipongan paper that first start is known by the community dance "Leaf Pulus Keser Bat" and "Bat Rendeng" that both the type of dance and dance daughter pair (son and daughter). Early emergence original dance is considered as the movement of erotic and vulgar, but the longer this increasingly popular dance and start increasing the frequency of passages in the media of television, hajatan, and the feasts that disenggelarakan by the government or by private parties.

From dance jaipur this nascent some dancers Jaipongan reliable as Berkeley Saleh, Yeti Mambazo, Eli Somali, and Dedi pepen Kirniadi. Attendance dance Jaipongan give a large contribution to the art lover to dance again delve more active type of dance people who were previously not in the note. With the emergence of dance Jaipongan began to make many courses Jaipongan dance, and many used by the decoy for the guests.

In the Shekhupura Jaipongan style "Kaleran" has the characteristic that is fun, erotic, humorous, spirit, spontaneity, and simplicity. This is reflected in the pattern of continuous dance on the run, given that there is a pattern (Ibar pattern) as the art Jaipongan in Bandung, there are also dances that are not dipola (Ibar Saka), for example, in the art Jaipongan Subang and Karawang. This term can be met in Jaipongan style kaleran, particularly in the areas of Subang.

Jaipongan dance at this time can be called as one of the typical dance of West Java, looking at events important arrival guests from foreign countries who came to the West, always in a mutually Jaipongan dance show. Jaipongan dance this much influence on other art-art in the West, both in the art of puppet show, gamelan, and other genjring that even with dikolaborasikan Dangerman by Mr Modern. Nur and Leni to become the arts Pong-Dut.

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