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Reog is one of the arts culture that came from the western part of the East-sea and the city is considered a Ponorogo Reog the actual origin. Ponorogo city gate decorated by her Warok and Gemblak, two figures appear in the Reog be at the time [1]. Reog evidence is one of the cultural area in Indonesia that is still very thick with the smell of mysticism and mystical strong.

History Reog Ponorogo

Basically there are five versions of the story is developing in the community about the origins Reog and Warok [2], but one of the most famous story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng lice, a servant in the kingdom Bhre Kertabhumi, the last king of Majapahit in power on the 15-century. Ki Ageng lice wrath will be a strong influence from the Chinese colleagues in the government and the king king of corrupt behavior, he also saw that the power of the kingdom of Majapahit will end. He then left the king and establish the university where he teaches young people self-art care, science, self-immunity, and the science of perfection in the hope that young people this will be the seed of the resurrection of Majapahit kingdom again soon. Pasukannya too aware that the small kingdom of troops to fight the political message delivered Ki Ageng lice Reog through performing arts, which is a "hint" to the king and his kingdom Kertabumi Bra. The Reog into how Ki Ageng lice resistance to the local people use Reog popularity.

Reog shown in the performance of lion-shaped mask, known as the "Lion Barong," the king of the forest, which is the symbol for Kertabumi, and above ditancapkan plume merak to resemble a giant fan that symbolize the strong influence of peer Cinanya from the movement of all - geriknya. Jatilan, diperankan by a group of dancers gemblak the menunggangi hobby became a symbol of Majapahit Kingdom troop strength that was in contrast to the comparative strength warok, which is located behind the mask of a clown red symbol for Ki Ageng lice, alone and sustain heavy mask singabarong that reach more 50kg of only using the teeth [3]. Populernya Reog Ki Ageng lice cause Kertabumi finally take action and attack perguruannya, rebellion by warok quickly overcome, and universities are forbidden to continue teaching will warok. However, students Ki Ageng lice still continue secretly. However, the arts Reognya still allowed to own dipentaskan because the performance has become popular among the public, but the road has a story plot which added new characters from the folklore that is Ponorogo Kelono Sewondono, Dewi Songgolangit, and Sri Genthayu.

The official version of the story flow Reog Ponorogo now is the story of King Ponorogo daughter who intend applying for Kediri, Dewi Ragil Yellow, but the way he dicegat by the King of Singabarong Kediri. King Singabarong troops of peacock and lion, while the Kingdom of Ponorogo Kelono King and representatives Bujanganom, be under guard by warok (black-clad men in tariannya black), and this has warok science black death. Tariannya whole war is a dance between the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Kediri Ponorogo, and complain of black magic between them, the dancers in a state of 'trance' during stage tariannya [4].

Up to now the only people Ponorogo what the legacy of their ancestors inheriting a very rich culture. Reog experience in the Arts is a creative human creations that the mainstream belief that there is a hereditary and awake. Ritual also use terms that are not easy for people to fulfill without the lineage is clear. profess their lineage Parental and customary law which is still valid.

Art director Reog

Reog modern dipentaskan usually in several events such as weddings, and khitanan-day national holiday. Reog Ponorogo art consists of some 2 to 3 sets of dance. Dance usually be the first by 6-8 with the brave men wear all black, with red faces scrubbed. The dancers this figure illustrates the intrepid lion. Next is a dance brought by 6-8 girls who mount a horse. In the traditional reog, dancers usually diperankan by male dancers dressed in women. This dance is called the dance jaran braid, which must be the art of dance another dance that is lumping horse. Dances of other if there is usually a dance by a small child who carries the funny scenes.

After the establishment of the dance is complete, the new core of the scene show the contents of which depend on the condition of art displayed reog. If related to the wedding scene is shown mourning. To hajatan khitanan or circumcision, usually Pendekar story,

Reog in the art scene does not usually follow the scenario that neatly arranged. Here, there is always the interaction between players and puppeteer (usually gang leaders), and sometimes with the audience. Sometimes a player is in stage can be replaced by other players when the players are tired. A staging point in reog art is to give satisfaction to the penontonnya.

Last scene is the lion Barong, where actors wearing masks lion-shaped head with a crown made of peacock plumage. Weight mask can reach 50-60 kg. The mask is brought about by heavy penarinya with teeth. The ability to present this mask than that obtained with the weight training, also diproleh trusted with spiritual exercises, such as fasting and Tapa.


Dance Reog Ponorogo ditarikan in Malaysia which called Barongan Dance [5]. Description will be shown in this dance the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Malaysia. Dance is also using the mask dadak peacock, tiger head mask on top of that there is a plume peacock, which is a native of Ponorogo made [6]. Other problems that arise when ditarikan is, in this reog be any posts "Malaysia" [7] and diaku a Malay heritage of stone carved Johor and Selangor Malaysia - and this is being examined further by the Indonesian government. [8]. This triggered protests from various parties in Indonesia, including the original artists Reog Ponorogo said that the copyright of Reog recorded with the number 026377 dated 11 February 2004 and known by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia [8]. Thousands of Artists Reog any demonstration in front of the Embassy of Malaysia [9]. Contrary to the images that are included in the cultural sites, where dadak merak version of Reog Ponorogo ditarikan any posts with "Malaysia" [10], Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Zainal Abidin Muhammad Zain at the end of November 2007 and stated that "the Government of Malaysia has never claimed Reog Ponorogo culture as the original state. Reog called "barongan" in Malaysia can be found in Johor and Selangor because brought by Javanese people who wander the country relative to the [11].

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