06 Januari 2009

Soto Madura

Soto Madura is a kind of coming from the Madura, East Java-based beef, boiled eggs, fried potatoes and bean sprouts, seasoning with coriander, onion and garlic, ginger, turmeric, galingale, Candlenut, rough-skinned orange and salt secukupnya.

How to make is to boil the water with the beef until cooked secukupnya (sisihkan). Insert the ingredients you have mashed together into serei meat broth, cooked until the sauce mendidih.Kuahnya ditaburi spring onion, celery leaves and fried onions mixed with a little onion-putih.dihidangkan same sambal soto and sliced lemon.

Type of food berkuah most popular in Indonesia. In fact, every region has soto pride with a different name. In addition to Java and Madura, the people of South Sulawesi with pride coto Makassar, Kalimantan residents have soto Banjar. There are also soto Bandung, soto Betawi to soto Padang.

That distinguishes essentially only material (beef, chicken or jerohan) with a clear sauce or coconut milk diimbuh, in addition to complement dish. There is a boiled egg, soun, kripik potato, potato meatball or are simply plain white rice or with lontong.

This week, the team culinary Daily Surya keek kitchen Soto Madura Wawan the bermarkas on Jl Mayjen Sungkono, Surabaya.
Dirintis since 1988, now Soto Madura Wawan already has 18 branches in all Surabaya. "There is no secret that in Soto Madura Wawan, because the basic ingredient is the same soto," Wawan sure that was one of jawara in Jajanan bango Festival 2007 held in Surabaya. Congratulations try.

(for 4 portions)

250 Gr beef lattice
200 Gr beef bones
100 Gr onion
50 Gr garlic
4 Butir candlenut
1 Jari ginger
1 Trunk Serai
Jari ginger ½
Jari ½ turmeric
Salt secukupnya
Sliced celery leaves and fried onions

Sambal candle, discount lemon, boiled eggs

1 - Prepare all the materials needed. Wash and clean the meat cattle bones, and then boiled in boiling water. Meanwhile, haluskan spices (except the ginger and Serai boiled meat together), without a pan-enter the fine flavor to the meat in the stew and cook until meat soft again. Lift the meat and sliced according to taste. Sisihkan.
2 - Prepare the white rice. Set the meat in the food portion, add the boiled eggs that have been be two. Siram with hot sauce soto. Taburi with sliced onion and celery leaves fried. Serve with sambal candlenuts, discount lemon, sweet soy sauce or salt. Serve hot-hot.

* If you like, can be added jerohan. Taste sauce added to the steady if bone-bone beef at the meat boil.
* Citarasa soto Madura racikan Wawan this steady because spices not pan. Once mashed, spices directly inserted into the sauce. If the pan is not why, "But first wait three hours so that integrates with the flavor of meat presented new," Wawan suggestions.
* Ginger, ginger and Serai not be mashed. However, included in the whole stew of meat, and then was appointed shortly after the soft meat.
* Bubuhkan salt will be presented at soto, do not add salt while boil the meat in order to remain fresh cuisine soto.

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