15 Januari 2009


Durian is the name of the tropical plant that comes from Southeast Asia, as well as the name of the fruit can be eaten. The name is taken from the skin of fruit characteristics of hard and grooved like so sharp thorns. Variant name that is also popular duren. People called Sunda kadu.

Indeed, plants with this name is not a single species of plants, but a group of clans (genus) Durio. But generally, the durian usual (without any particle) is the scientific name has Durio zibethinus. While the types of durian that may be eaten and sometimes found in the local market in Southeast Asia including D. kutejensis (lai), D. oxleyanus (kerantungan), D. graveolens (durian turtle or kekura), and D. dulcis (lahung). Durian further description below refers to Durio zibethinus.

Many people consider the durian fruit as well. Society often called "king of fruits." However, some people will not hold and consider baunya stink. Richard Sterling (dalamThe Traveling Curmudgoen) said: "baunya is similar to the dirt with the pigs, terpentin and onion, and decorated with dirty socks from the field of sports. Baunya tercium remotely." There was also a smell that smell like durian that out of the garbage truck.

Annual tree, green immortal (leaf shedding does not depend on season) but there is a specific time for the new leaves (Flushing period). Growth can reach a height of 40 m, durian trees often have banir (root of the board). Pepagan (stem bark) reddish brown, not burn uniform. Tajuknya shady and distant.

Ellipse-shaped leaves to the lancet, 10-15 (-17) cm × 3-4,5 (-12.5) cm; take located; bertangkai; have a taper or be blunt and taper rolling; the top of the green light, the side down scale closed-shell or silver with golden stars plume.

Interest (and fruit) appears directly from the stem (cauliflorous) or branches of old, gather in the column contains 3-10 skein bud-shaped or flat tassel. Bud flowers rounded, about 2 cm diameternya, bertangkai long. Sheath of interest along the tube lk. 3 cm, leaf sheath to be split 2-3 round egg-shaped lobe. Crown shape spatula, about 2 × long sheath, amounted to 5 sheets, whitish. Benangsarinya many, divided into 5 files; putiknya head shape knob, with a sprig of feathery. flowers appear from dorman bud, blossom in the afternoon and stand up to several days. Interest rate spread this fragrant aroma to attract the bats as the main penyerbuk.

Durian fruit-shaped capsule form rounded, rounded up to oval eggs, with a length of up to 25 cm diameter and up to 20 cm. Skin fruit thick, sharp-cornered surface ( "thorny", so-called "durian", although this is not in the spine of botany), green yellowish, brown, to grayish.

Developing fruit after fertilization and requires 4-6 weeks for the concoction. During the competition antarbuah concoction occurred in one group, so only one or a few pieces that will reach maturity, and the rest killed. The fruit will fall if their own cooking. In general, heavy durian fruit can reach 1.5 to 5 kilograms, so a durian plantation area that is dangerous on the durian season. When the head falls on someone, durian fruit can cause serious injury or even death.

Each fruit has a 5 "rooms" (rooms), which indicates the number of leaves of the fruit. Each room occupied by some of the seeds, usually 3 or more grains, tapering to 4 cm long, pink and brown shiny. Terbungkus by arilus seed (seed wrapper, which is often referred to as "flesh fruit" durian) white to light yellow with a thickness that varies, but the superior kultivar thickness arilus can reach 3 cm. Seeds with seed wrapper is called in the trade pongge. Pemuliaan durian directed to produce seeds with a small seed wrapper is thick, because this is the seed wrapper that is eaten.

Nutritional value

Each 100 g salut seeds contain 67 g of water, 28.3 g carbohydrate, 2.5 g fat, 2.5 g protein, 1.4 g fiber, and energy have a value of 520 kJ. Durian also contains vitamins B1, B2, and vitamin C, and potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

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