07 Januari 2009


The currency of payment transactions is a tool used in the economy of a country. For Indonesia, the currency is the rupiah.

In ancient times, primitive people have not used the money or the means of exchange. This is because by that time people can meet all the desires of the surrounding lam. When the natural resources they use out, they began to move and use of natural resources in the surrounding areas again. Then when the emergence of ancient human civilization began to exchange goods with goods belonging to own other people, which is called barter. Then, after the era of more advanced, people start using the tool trade, although not the form of money. The tool is called money goods. Then after the use of human writing and letters, called dikenallah money or trust money (money fiduciair).

The word "dollar" is derived from the word "Rupee", a currency India. Indonesian currency has Gulden Netherlands from 1610 to 1817. After the year 1817, introduced the currency Gulden Dutch. Currency rupiah was first introduced officially at the time of Japanese occupation during the Second World War-2, with the Dutch East Indies rupiah. After the war, the Bank of Java (Javaans Bank, to become the next Bank Indonesia) introduced the rupiah currency as a substitute for it. Gulden NICA currency made by the partners and some of the currency printed guerrilla group also valid at that time.

Since 2 November 1949, four years after independence, India set Rupiah currency as the new kebangsaannya. Riau Islands and West Irian rupiah variations have their own use but they disbande
d in 1964 in Riau and West Irian in 1974.

Asian economic crisis of 1998 caused the rupiah fell as much as 35% and bring the fall of Soeharto.

Rupiah is the currency that can be exchanged freely, but with penalties didagangkan caused a high rate of inflation.

Fraction Currency Rupiah

Rp.25 (Metal)
Rp.50 (Metal)
Rp.100 (Metal & Paper)
Rp.500 (Metal & Paper)
Rp.1.000 (Metals & Paper)
Rp.5.000 (Paper)
Rp.10.000 (Paper)
Rp.20.000 (Paper)
Rp.50.000 (Paper)
Rp.100.000 (Paper)

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