02 Januari 2009

Komodo Island

Komodo dragons are often referred to as the "Komodo dragon", because animals are a kind of lizard is the largest in the world. Komodo actually own far from the image of the dragon. Although a Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) do have a great body (adult Komodo can have about 3 meters high with a weight of approximately 70 kilograms), Komodo dragons are not themselves members sebuas most people.

For instance, a Komodo mangsanya not hunt with active or show symptoms during cruel murder victims. Teeth and mouth Komodo is a nightmare all dentists. Filled with germs and bacteria that kill, teeth and mouth a Komodo has a vital role in hunting prey. Komodo usually eat animals that age is relatively young or injured animals, because it is easy to be hunted. Komodo akan but sometimes the most well-attack livestock which are large, too. Komodo quite a bite victims a one-time only. Then he will follow the mangsanya for days if necessary. Germs and bacteria will kill mangsanya sooner or later. During this dismal animal death, also arrived for the Komodo time to celebrate.

Located between the island of Sumbawa and Flores, Komodo National Park was built as a place for the conservation of the Komodo. In the year 1986, 6 years after the creation of this park, UNESCO made a Komodo National Park World Heritage Site as well as Man and Biosphere Reserve.Taman consists of three main islands: Pulau Komodo, Rinca and Padar. This park is also home to at least 1,000 species of fish, hundreds of species of corals, coral, and 70 types of plants sponge. Shark, ray fish, whales, dolphins, sea turtle, sea cow, and can also be found here.

How to Achieve This Region
You can reach this area through the island of Lombok or Flores, then a boat to the islands of Komodo.

Place Stay

You can stay in hotels Lombok Island or even Bali. Selipkan enough time to take a day tour to visit the island of Komodo in this series of your holiday.


Walk. If you follow the tour, you will not need to have a headache all transportation.

Dining place

Restaurants are also traditional stall-stall.

Hand Fruit

Komodo like wood carvings and various other wildlife.

Can You See Or Do

* Looking at the Komodo? If you are lucky, you can see the process they eat. The officers in this garden provides food for the Komodo dragons, for example, chicken

* The diversity of animals also tetumbuhan

* Swim in its beautiful beaches

* Snorkeling

Visit the village to see the traditional lifestyle that is different from you Go


* Most of the local population can only speak the local language and in English.
* Take a tour of the service bureau was to save time and energy
* Bring cream sun screen, comfortable clothing, sunglasses, hats or also cover the head.

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